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NPR interviews John J. Collins on His Newest Book

NPR has recently interviewed John J. Collins, Professor of Old Testament at Yale University on his latest book, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography. The interview is approximately 30 minutes long and an enjoyable listen. Click here for the article on NPR’s website. Click here to listen to the interview.

The Damascus Community (via CD) on Sacrifice and Atonement

The picture painted in Josephus, specifically with regard to the Essenes being excluded from the temple because of their distinctive sacrificial practices, comes into sharper focus when the Damascus Document (CD hereafter) is brought into the conversation. Although CD does not explicitly state that it is of Essene origin, there is affinity enough to suggest […]

Josephus on the Sacrifice and Atonement of the Essenes

Josephus Josephus’ account of the Essenes in Antiquities parallels Philo’s account to such an extent that they, in the least, both probably derived their information from a common source (though it is possible Josephus drew directly upon Philo). As for Josephus’ characterization of the Essenes’ attitude toward sacrifice, he writes, εἰς δὲ τὸ ἱερὸν ἀναθήματα στέλλοντες […]


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